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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Stock Car Race & Results - May 25th, 2013

Tonight is the inaugural night race at Kalaeloa Raceway Park’s dirt oval.  This is the third race day at the oval track.  The classes have been gradually growing each event and this one promises to be another KRP success just like the previous night events held at the facility.  I arrive (at the Parcel 24 Barber’s Point facility to document the event for the Kalaeloaracewaypark.com website) never too soon and I’m fairly surprised at the lengthy line at the gate.  I take and post a quick Facebook photo of the encouraging indication made by the triple lane entrance that’s backed out nearly to Coral Sea Road.  

Once parked I make my way (actually I hobble on crutches as my broken foot is still a bit of a problem), across the gravel parking lot, around the bunker and up the stairs of the control tower.  The timing staff graciously offer me a stool and electrical outlet which  I can’t do without in order for me to record all the action.  I sit down and quickly realize there are a lot of racecars coming out to pack the track.  As I start writing down all the descriptions during practice, otherwise known as “hot-laps”, I see new car after new car, after new car.  This id the first night race for the stock car track at the new facility and the attendance and participation just doubled instantly.

Earlier in the evening, before I even arrived at the track, the cars had been running at slow speeds around the track as they prepare it for the night’s races.  The term used for this is “packing the track” and it’s a process whereby the dirt track (which has just been saturated by the 5,000 gallon water truck for the past few hours) is conditioned by the cars running at low speed.  The cars with the widest rear tires head out first and work their way across the full width of the track as they circulate and as directed by the officials.  It’s very wet at first and with all the car tires spinning and throwing the wet dirt into the air it slowly dries out the track.  When the flying dirt falls it’s run over then flung in the air again and the process repeats itself as the dirt dries and gets consolidated (or “packed”) into the track. Before I know it “pack track” is complete and the announcers start calling cars forward for practice.  

Modifieds Practice:

The custom, heavily constructed chassis with sedan roadster style body’s and modified motors rumble out of the chute and then jump on the throttle  kicking the cars sideways as they negotiate turns 1 & 2.  First out is the pink #27 followed by Crispin Tabangcura in the #85 and the blue & yellow #50, Chad Moniz’ black 18 and the blue #7.  They run about five or so laps as they get a feel for the drying track.  Late coming out is Chris Muraoka  in the blue #25 who gets a few laps to himself.  I make a mental note that the track is coming in quickly.  The #7 came out even later by itself for solo laps, but leaves with smoke from what looks like the right rear brake.

Winged Sprints Practice:

For the first time, in my recent memory at least, there are two groups of winged sprints. These are the fastest cars that run on the track due to their lightweight tube frame chassis and high horsepower motors, coupled with fat rear tires and huge wings that press the cars into the track at high speeds. Group  1; first out of the chute is the #80, white with blue accents, then there’s the #1 of Sheldon Moniz, the #20 driven by James Chinen and the white with red & blue #12 who is miss firing something fierce.  The #80 appears to be catching the #20 then the yellow is out and it looks like there’s smoke from Chinen’s sprint.  When he shuts down a white sprint with no numbers circulates for a few laps and the white #94 comes out also.

Group 2; The track is quick and the cars are hooking up well.  Most drivers are opting for the inside line, but some experiment out where it’s a bit moist still.  We have the #05 painted dark blue with a bright white number, then out comes Patrick Krob in the blue #12, the red and checkered pattern # 5 of (I think it’s his Dad) Dennis.  The Winged Sprints do a few more than five laps as do the Econo Sprints and practice feels like it’s almost over before it starts, but I note that Dennis Krob in the #5 is quickly catching the #05 as the yellow comes out and they usher the cars off the track.

Econo Sprints Practice:

Again the class is broken into two groups due to the size.  The major difference you see physically between these and the winged sprints is, of course, the lack of wing.   Group 1 has #20 followed by the Cy Thomas in the #43.  Next out is the black #18 of Shane Moniz, a black and red #2.  The number 2 is being driven by Kilika Bell and he’s fast and in hot pursuit of the #18.  With a tight line Kilika passes Shane in turns 1 & 2, then gets re-passed in 3 & 4.  Pretty exciting stuff for practice as the open wheel cars are dicing within inches of each other.  A bit late coming out are the gold #11 followed by Boy Moniz in the black & white #22, but he’s got a nasty misfire and pulls off.  

Group 2 brings out the white with flames #8 of Kala Kaliinoi, then there’s a the blue & white #63 , Jeremy Moniz’ gold #7X, it looks like a yellow #4 although I can’t see the number which may be being driven by Chuck Drummond if my notes are correct.   Highlights include the #48 of Kapena Kaliinoi chasing the #63 and closing, but #63 changing his line and then pulling away.  Traditionally the lower line is preferred by the leading car as it makes passing a bit more difficult and it causes the chasing car to search for a way around.  Tonight the lower line was preferred and some of the best passes of the night were around the outside.  This, being practice, was the perfect opportunity to try some different things and it appeared that Paul Belford in the #63 had been doing just that.

Mini Stock Practice- There are two groups for the mini stock class which is a good entry level class from which many a driver has progressed.  The cars are intended to be factory body and stock motor and in the style of four cylinder domestics.  The 1st group has the yellow and black #14 of Richard Stewart and behind him Dave Michelmore driving the silver #92.  The #92 stalls out, restarts and pulls off and  then out comes the red with black striped #6, the #40, Charles Cummings #22, the #02, Bryson Felisi in the #58 and the all yellow #99 of Bobby Carrick who slows and then pulls off the track.

The second group is made up of the black #3 black, the white #4 of Koa Almeida with mad misfire , Keoki Medeiros in the white #43 and the silver #11 of Michael Mahulu.  The interesting aspect of the Mini Stock class is that almost, if not all, of the cars are the smaller Mustang II body style.  It used to be that the Pinto was the popular model years ago when they were plentiful, but they appear to be all but extinct nowadays.

Mini Truck Practice:

The truck class is new to KRP and gradually growing and becoming more competitive. Basically stock and four cylinder most of these trucks have a high center of gravity and take a certain special finesse to get around the sweeping corners.  Out comes the orange #4j full throttle and “porpoising” a little and just to prove my point about the high center of gravity the driver, Jahrod Mason, nearly rolls it.  He’s followed by the #50 of Steven Chong, a blue Dodge.  The #5 driven by James Brock tags wall slightly avoiding a fishtailing #4j and late out on the track is the #43 a silver Ranger driven by Keahi Keliinoi.

Bomber Practice:

The bombers are based on eight cylinder domestic cars and completely stock, but with safety features like a roll cage and a racing harness.  The class has the reputation for being rough and tumble and contact is common. Only three bombers come out for practice, the #14 Black of Dana Nelson, the  #99 of Alfonso Puma and the #08 orange Monte Carlo (or maybe it’s a Cutlass as most of these cars are beat up pretty badly and sometimes unrecognizable as to make or model) of Shawn Bautista.

Super Street Practice:

The final group on the track is the Super Street class. Similar in style and size to the Bomber Class it is based on eight cylinder domestic cars, but numerous modifications including motor improvements are allowed.  First it’s the #83 a dark Blue 70’s style Camaro driven by Brian Torres followed by George Grace IV’s #15 black Monte Carlo, the #7, the #18 of William Pontin, the primer gray #43 (a surprising 90’s Mustang entry) and the red and blue ‘70’s Chevelle #19 of Tom Snell.  Snell spins in turn number two with no damage and is helped off the track.  Next out is the #89, a  late model white Camaro who’s number I can’t see then it’s the #21 an orange ‘70s Camaro of Joe Kovaloff, the #33 orange Nova of Angel Rodrigues and the #02 of Jon Perry.  There are no further incidents during their practice and the cars make thei way off the track.


The stock car practices are complete so during a short break we run a series that has been running at the track since its first opening.  This is a motorsport support series that was borne out of a need for racing without a real racetrack.  It was first started in the form of rally cross that is common across the US and made up of a mixture of sedans and trucks.  The series has dwindled since the opening of the circle track in part due to the conflict faced by the drivers as to where they should invest both energy and dollars. Nowadays KRP utilizes the dirt oval pit entrance/exit area and the infield to create a sort of arena style off road racing.     

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It’s oddly quiet for a moment after the crowd settles down and more announcements from the tower: There’s a trophy presentation for the last event’s dash.  The big shiny trophies were handed out as photo flashes went off from Nick Latuliip (KRP’s professional photographer) and supportive cheers for the drivers from the crowd as Mike Kitchens announced the winners from the various classes.

Before the races start there’s a moving rendition of the National Anthem and the large crowd stands in silence facing the flag in respect.   Once the Anthem is complete everyone cheers and the few Modifieds, already lined up in the chute, fire up and rumble their way onto the track. Note:  You’ll want to refer to the website’s points standings and the photograph section of the website in order to help cross reference the names of the drivers and associate them with the car numbers, but I’ll try and introduce you to them in description of the practice, heat races and main events herein.  

Heat racers are asked to line up.  First off would be the Modifieds who have been called to the chute and some are already pulling up and assuming the correct grid positions.  The announcer calls for Econo Sprints followed by Mini Modifieds and the remaining classes are asked to get ready.

Modifieds Heat Race:

On the pole is the #50, Brian Kovaloff and next to him the #25 of Chris Muraoka, in the second row is the #27 Ronald Peterson, and #7 of Larry Toro followed by the #18 of Chad Moniz and the #85 of Crispin Tabangcura.  There are two slow formation laps then the green waves and they’re off!  Peterson, in 3rd is pressing and gets by the #27 on the outside for 2nd, but Muraoka won’t give in and answers back as they enter turn 3 and they’re relegated to their original positions.  The #7 spins on lap four and the yellow comes out.  At the start Kovaloff had pulled out slightly but never got away from the rest of the field. 

On the ensuing restart Toro in the #7 is at the back trying to around the outside of the #55 and spins in the loose/moist stuff in turn 1 thus bringing out the yellow again. It’s a bit damp out there still, I think, but with the leaders all hugging the tight inside line Toro had no choice but to try the damp outer line.  After regrouping the field they come to the line for the restart and the flagman waves the green.  The #27 gets to the inside of Kovaloff for the lead with an aggressive tight line for a moment, but touches wheels and drops back.  Next it’s the Muraoka again in pursuit and now one car back the #27 who is suddenly slowing and smoking. The white flag is now out for Kovaloff and he’s followed to the checkered by Muraoka in the #25 who somehow got my the #27 of Peterson for 2nd and  the #18 and #55 trailing.

Mini Modifieds Heat Race:

Next up and they sound like a swarm of bees approaching as they exit the chute.  On the pole is #40 of Roland Buis Jr. and on the outside it’s Clyde Sequinn in the#20.  Second row sees the #11 of Jimmy Joseph side by side with the #6 of Darrick Rodrigues. Next row starting 5th is the #43 of Koa Grace next to Bula Nelson in the #46.  Fourth row is #14 of Richard Stuart.  They run the typical few parade laps then it’s a good start for Buis Jr. who  jumps at the start catching Sequinn  sleeping.  Rodrigues, in the #6, moves up to 3rd past Joseph who’s now really pestering him and trying to get the spot back.  The #20 suddenly closes quickly and tags the #40 coming out of 3 and he’s got damage to the front end bringing out the yellow flag on lap three and then he suddenly slows out of turn 2 with seven laps to go. 

The “gradeall” (a large piece of equipment capable of lifting a whole car if necessary) is brought out since the front end of Sequinn’s car is broken and can’t simply be pushed off the track.   They attend to the #20 and it takes a half a dozen slow laps to get the car off and the track clear. There are now six cars left with the #6 of Rodrigues out in front now and stretching the lead.  Suddenly the #40 spins coming out of turn 2 and looses all the remaining spots as cars zip past him.  On the restart it’s the #6, #46, #14, #43, 1 and the #40 who’s clawing his way back.  The yellow is out again briefly for something at lap 8, and although there’s a brief good scrap for 4th the positions remain unchanged at the checkered flag.

Econo Sprint Heat Race: 

In the Econo Sprints first heat on the pole is the #22 of Boy Moniz and on the outside the #63 of Paul Belford. Second row pairs up Kawika Bell in the #2 against Jeremy Moniz in the #7x .  Next row has the #48 of Kapena Kaliinoi.  The #7x won’t start on its own so Jeremy  gets a push from the track truck and it takes a couple of laps for him to catch up and for the field get organized.  At the start Boy Moniz takes off and the #2 is trying to get to the inside of the #7x through turns 2 then 3 & 4.  Then the 7x is seen pushing forward to try and get to the inside of Belford in the #63 (who’s running a wide line).  Paul finally gives it up and inadvertently lets the #18 of Chad Moniz past at the same time. Chad must have sneaked by while the opportunity presented itself.  The #22 of Boy Moniz is now way out front and then suddenly there’s a yellow that erases his big lead. 

The line up for the restart is now #22, #2, #7x, #63 and they pace for a couple of laps while getting ready to restart. A very full moon rising to the east and adds nicely to the darkening skyline as daylight draws to an end.  The restart is on and now the #2 of Kawika Bell is driving high, wide & handsome the #7x working the bottom.  The pressure from behind is finally too great and the #2 spins under nearly collecting the #7x who has to come to a complete stop in time not to hit him.  Oddly; it’s the #2 who keeps it running and then drives off the track after the yellow comes out while the #7x (who had stalled) gets a push from the truck in order to restart the car.  Although we anticipated the #2 to return to the track it fails to do so before the green which is out for the #22, #7x, and Belford in the #63.  With only a few laps remaining Jeremy was unable to run down Boy with so few laps left and so it remained in this order.

Heat 2:

On the pole is the #18 of Shane Moniz with the #43 Cy Thomas next to him.  In 3rd we see Kala Kaliinoi in the #8 next to former Mini Stock driver #11, Ikaika Obrien.  Next row has the #4 Chuck Drummen and a few other cars in line that I can’t make out the numbers on before the green flag waves.  At the start the #43 tries to get to the outside of the #18 as they come out of turn 2. Thomas almost oversteers the next lap then settles in line.  Now Drummond is chasing Thomas hard in the #4 and meanwhile the #18 is seen pulling out a good lead just as the yellow comes out. There was a quick spin by someone coming out of turn 4 that everyone manages to avoid.  The announcer comments that there are only 3 laps complete.

And so they line up again, now the #18,# 43, #4, #11…. It’s a quick restart now we see what looks like the #18 holding up the #43 which is breathing new life to the hopes of Drummond who’s been hanging around for scraps in 3rd.  Shane Moniz in the #18 appears a bit slow at the apex, but is getting a good launch which makes him fast off the corner and smooth.  Now Cy Thomas is throwing the car into turns 1 & 3 harder and harder trying to unsettle Moniz into a mistake.  There’s a yellow again this time for the 11 who is dropping fluid on the track. On the ensuing restart the #4 takes a stab at Cy Thomas for 2nd in turn 3 on the final lap, but no dice.

Winged Sprint Heat Race:

Winged sprints are referred to by the crowd as “the big boys”, on pole is the #20 of James Chinen next to the #10 Ronald Joseph Jr. The #80 of Brian Torikawa is behind the #20 and next to Rocky Silva in the #05 I hear the nickname “quicksiver Silva” from the announcer. Brian has brought the #80 is back from racing in Hilo it appears.  The #20 gets a good launch coming to the green but #10 catches him quickly and they dive into turn 1 together, but there’s a quick yellow for the spin of Rocky Silva coming out of turn 2. Rocky gets a push restart and I note the track is drying out as some dust is starting to kick up on the tight lines.  The racing is tight 1st thru 3rd, but 4th & 5th are dropping back.   Ronald Joseph is now getting pressure from Torikawa with the #10 slipping wide and the #80 looking underneath lap after lap, but unable to make the pass for 3rd.

Heat 2 lines up the white #1 of Sheldon Moniz with #5 Dennis Krob next to him on the front row. The #24 of Jimmy Pontin is side by side with #18 Chad Moniz on the outside.  #94 of Paul Perry Jr. is tucked up close behind the #24, but the #5 stalls the car stalls it as they roll off and everyone behind swerves for a different lane to avoid the stopped car. They get reorganized and at the start Pontin in the #24 dives low, almost spins, collects the field then gets going again. It’s intense tight racing and the #5 is all over Sheldon in the #1 when then the #18 of Chad Moniz spins coming out of turn 2.  They need to pull him off with the gradeall (which takes a few laps longer than simple push from the mule or quad).

So the line-up is #1, #5, #24 and the #94. On the restart the Perry in the #94 dropping back the #5 pressing the #1 of Sheldon for the lead, but unable to make up the car length they are behind and Sheldon is pulling away from the #24.  The lead is up to six car lengths with three laps to go and suddenly there’s a hard charge from the #24 with two laps to go and he really closes the gap by throwing the car into the corner and standing on the throttle which gets him close, but there’s no time to catch the front.

Super Street Heat Race: 

On the front row inside lane is the #18 Camaro of Billy Pontin and he’s next to the #15 of George Grace Jr.. Next is the #5 of Randi Felici and Joe Kovaloff in the #21 on the outside.  On the third row is #02 driven by Jon Perry and to his right the #83 of Brian Torres.  Starting 7th is the#33 of Angel Rodrigues next to the #19 of Tom Smith.  As they take the green the Randi Felici in the #5 takes it up the inside and takes second away from the #15 (who’s concentrating on the leader) in turns 1 & 2, then we see lots of pressure from the Brian Torres in #83.  Pontin had really taken off at the start and there are all kinds of battling going on behind him including the #83 who pays back the #5 with the same move he’d pulled on the #15 and next the #15 is on the #5 too.  There’s a spin but the car gets restarted so no yellow then the #83 spins out of turn 4 and draws out the yellow flag. 

It’s the #18, #5, #15, #21, #19, #02 and the #83 who will start at the back of the field after causing the yellow.  Before the restart we see the #15 arguing that he should be in front of the #5 then drops back being overruled by the oficials.  On the restart there’s another launch and pull away for Billy Pontin and it’s tight from 2nd thru last.  Torres in the #83 gets around  Snell in the #19 who spins and the yellow is out again.  Tom Snell appears to not be happy about something, but reluctantly falls to the back of the field. With two laps to go Felisi gives another try at getting around Pontin, but there’s not enough time to set up a pass.

Mini Truck Heat Race:

Qualifying first and lined up accordingly we see the #4j of Jarret Mason and outside of him the #50 of Geoffrey Grace  Second row see the #5 of James Brock and the #43 of Keahi Keliinoi. At the start #4j is leaning and bouncing while cornering at what sounds like full throttle and almost rolls it with the front left way off the ground, but he merely “porpoises” and almost stalls it.  It’s a restart which will allow the 4j to restart from the pole again.  After the start the yellow is suddenly out, but Brock in the #5 may not have seen it as he stays in the throttle and nearly spins an innocent Grace.  #5 does spin himself out and now gets the black flag for not paying attention. Now everyone stops. 

Grace, for some reason, has taken the #50 off the track and the #5 has obeyed the flag and pulled in so it comes down to the #43 and #4j. They get the cars aligned and I’m surprised to hear that there’s still 9 laps left.  At the start Jahrod Mason in the #4j makes the inside pass on the Keliinoi in turn 3 and now pulls ahead.   A few laps later Grace brings the #50 back onto the track, but is a lap or two down now.  Suddenly #4j pops a tire and it looks like the #50 blows the motor and with only the 43 is still running I look up to see a very full moon creeping higher and is now making its way through the clouds turning them silver in color.

Mini Stock Heat Race:

Heat number 1 pairs the # 18 of Braden Moniz and #58 driven by Bryson Felici at the front.  Next the #99 Bobby Carrick and the #5 Alan Tabangcura followed by #4 driven by Koa Almeida  alongside the #1 of Brandon Moniz. This is essentially an all Ford Mustang II class.  On the start the #58 tries the outside and pinches down the #18, but #18 gets away and Moniz falls back in line.  The #1 gets a good run up the inside and tangles with the #5 coming out of turn 4 and they get hooked together, can’t get separated and finally come to a stop all the way in turn 1 where the Brandon Moniz in the #18 finally shakes free.  The car isn’t to his liking now so Moniz pulls the car off and it’s deemed that the #5 could have avoided the contact so he’s sent to the back of the field.  At the restart it’s the #18, #58, #99, #4 and the #5 and they end this way at the end of the two lap run after the restart.

Heat 2 pits the #43 of Keoki Medeiros against the #7 driven by Dayton Kawashima.  Next it’s Charleston Cummings in the #22 alongside Keahi Keliinoi in the #8.  On the third row it’s the #11 of Michael Mahaulu next to the #2 of Gary Mahaulu (I wonder if there’s a relationship there, hmmm?).  The #8 gets a slow start after having to come to a stop for some reason and then catches the field and reasserts himself on the pole.  In an exciting move it’s Dayton Kawashima in the #7 around the outside, for the first pass of its kind tonight, and he’s now pulling away.  The #8 gets pinched in turn 3 and spins. Since the first lap was never completed the yellow flag causes a complete restart so now Dayton will need to do it all over again.

On the restart there’s another quick spin for the #8, but no one slows for the yellow for at least a lap and the officials are not happy.  It’s yet another restart, but this time the steering breaks on car #11 of Michael Mahaulu sending him into the wall hard. The line-up is #7, #43, #22 & #8.  On the restart the #22 gets inside of Keoki Medeiros and makes the pass before nearly looping it.  He was gaining on Kawashima and appears a little faster catching up to his bumper in turns 3 and 1, but not able to get off the corner as well as the #7.  On the last lap and Cummings in the #22 gets to the inside out of #2 they locked together and almost go to the wall in turn 3 then get separated.  But there’s damage to Kawashima’s #7 and the #43 ends up getting past too.

Bomber Heat Race: 

On the Pole is the #13 of Nephi Young next to #08 Shawn Bautista.  On the second row is the station wagon #77 of Lonnie Baker Sr. and Lonnie Baker Jr. #7.  Starting 5th is the #99 of Aalfonso puma and the #14 of Dana Nelson trailed by the #43 of Andrew Char.  At the green it’s the #08 around the outside to the lead, but Nephi in the #13 is not giving up and holds his ground on the inside until a spin on lap 2 although he does manage to keep going.  In front is Shawn Bautista holding the #08 in the middle groove and followed by the #7, #14, #99 and #43. 

The #14 is getting passed high and low to the back while Lonnie Baker Jr. in the #7 is keeping the Bautista in his sights before suddenly his trunk pops open. Bautista is lapping the #14 and it’s not easy until suddenly the #14 grabs a big hand full of steering wheel when the car understeers and #08 gets under her.  The #7 unfortunately looses the right front out of turn 4 and Lonnie is forced to limp off the track.  It’s a restart and now lined up is the #08, #13, #99 and the #43 and they’re all bunched up at the back so the officials will need to get them organized.  The wounded car #7 is left in the middle of the track while they finish the race and at the restart the #08 is being chased hard by the #43 with #99 in 3rd which is how they finished.

Hulacross Heat Race.

The Hulacross “intermission” racing divides the cars from the trucks and SUV’s into two groups.  First on the track are the Trucks and SUV’s followed by the cars.  Be sure to read the Hulacross article for this date to see what the action was and who won!

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Modified Main Event:

On the pole is #50 next to # 25 and followed by the #27, #85 & #7.  The green is out and they all bunch together around the low line, then on lap 2 the #7 of Larry Toro spins in turn 1 and the #25 of Chris Moraoka is also around exiting turn 2 under pressure from the Ron Peterson in the #27. It was really tight amongst the front three just then. On the restart the #50 of Kovaloff jumps off to a good start, but instantly getting lots of pressure from #25 & #27.  It’s getting dusty in turns 1 & 2 and now Peterson in the #27 dives down under the #25, but just can’t seem to pass. 

It looks as though the #25 is really holding up the #27 now who finally gets into his right rear going into turn 3, but the #25 fights back and it’s the #27 who spins exiting turn 2 on the following lap and stalls it.  They need to use the “gradeall” to extricate the car so it takes a few laps under yellow. The line-up is the #50, #25, #85 and #7 now.  At first Kovaloff appears a bit slow into the corner protecting his position, but it does make him able to get a good launch off the corner to keep 2nd place at bay.  Now it’s getting dusty in turns 3 & 4 as well as 1 & 2 which is really worsening. 

On the ensuing restart it’s a five car lead for the #50 and he’s pulling ahead then Larry Toro in the # 7 and the #85 of Crispin Tabangcura leave the track and there’s only the #50 and the #25 left.  White flag and a win for the #50, 2nd place to Chris Moraoka and 3rd to the #85.

Mini Modified Main Event:

Starting first will be the current points leader, Darrick Rodrigues in the #6 next to the #46 of Bula Nelson followed by the #11, #43, #40, #14, #92 and #20.  Jimmy Joseph driving the #11 makes the move and passes the #46 for second and then Nelson in the #46 spins and needs to go to the back.  A few laps had been run so the cars restart in single file. At the start it’s close between the Nelson and the #43 of Koa Grace.  Meanwhile it’s a tight battle for 1st also, but the leader spins exiting turn 2 handing the lead to the #11 and the yellow is out.  The #6 is put back out front and the #11 is sent to the back of the pack so he must have caused the yellow although I didn’t witness the incident.  The #43 in second place now on the restart and before we really get going the #92 stalls on the front straight and the yellow flag is back out.  

On the subsequent restart Jimmy Joseph gets around the outside of Koa Grace for 2nd with the #43 now dropping back a little.  Ronald Buis Jr. in the #40 spins coming out of turn 4 and stalls it and we’re yellow again with the #14 of Richard Stuart getting by.   The line-up is now #6, #11, #43, #14 and the rest trailing.  Rodrigues is out front being chased by the #11 then a gap back to the rest of the field who is back a bit, but bunched tightly and slowly spreading out now. A few laps later the #6 looked like it’s going to catch lapped traffic and suddenly the #11 spins it to the inside going in to turn 1, Joseph stalling it up against the big tire that demarks the inside of the corner.

With four laps to go field bunches up the #6, #43, #46, #40 and the #14.  The #14 makes up a few positions on the restart and the #46 starts dogging #43 getting under him only to half spin exiting 2 and give it back.  He gets started under his own power and there’s two to go with the #14 moving forward to 2nd, the #11 unable to make up ground and at the checkered flag it’s Darrick Rodrigues with the win and Richard Stewart with 2nd place followed by the #43, #40, #46, #11 and #92.

Econo Sprint Main Event:

On the pole is the #22 of Boy Moniz and next to him the black #18.  The next row pairs up the #63 and the #43 of Cy Thomas. The #7x starts in 5th and next to him is Larry Peterson then the #4. At the start it’s Jeremy Moniz in the gold #7x up the inside of Paul Bellford Jr. driving the #63 and meanwhile the #2 of Kawika Bell has made a hard charge into 4th place.  It’s a bit of a dust bowl now and hard to keep track of the dozen or so cars blasting their way around the track. The drivers are mostly using the low line and suddenly there’s a yellow for the #4 of Peterson who has stalled the car and will need to start from the back.  Kapena Kaliinoi in the #48 is at the rear of the field and on the restart the yellow #4 at the back using the wide line, but having a hard time passing before finally able to get around the #48. 

At the front there’s pressure on the Boy Moniz by the #18 and the #43 hanging in there tight with the front two.  Larry Peterson is franticly trying to work his way back up to the front in the #4 and gets around another car on the outside, but the laps are ticking down.  Now we see Jeremy Moniz in 4thplace and getting pressure from behind by the white & blue #63 who carries the front left wheel off turn 4 on a tight exit on the second to last lap, but can’t catch the #22. There’s one lap to go and Cy Thomas in the #43 spins it going into turn 1, stalls and cannot restart meaning the “gradeall” will once again be needed.  There are a number of debates going on about whether or not the checkered flag had come out before the yellow and some raucous fans voicing their opinions, but in the end it was determined the race had been finished and there would be no further laps.

Winged Sprint Main Event: 

The announcer informs the crowd that this will be a twenty lap feature. On the pole is the #20 of James Chinen next to the #1 of Shane Moniz.  In row two we have the #10 driven by Ronanld Joseph Jr. next to the #5 of Dennis Krob, followed by the #24 of Jimmy Pontin next to the #80 of Brian Torikawa and the others following respectfully.  At the green the #80 jumps up into 4th place.  The #18 hits the tire quite softly in turn 2, but the front end appears to be broken and they call for the “gradeall”.  On the restart it looks like the #20, #1, #5, #80, #10, #05, #24 and #12.  Brian Torikawa passes Dennis Krob’s #5 on the back straight going in to turn 3 and then the #5 spins collecting another car. 

There’s another restart whereby the #10 piloted by Ronald Joseph Jr. gets around the #80 and the #1 and is suddenly challenging for the lead on the outside.  Joseph almost gets Chinen, swings a little wide and leaves the bottom open.  Joseph is there again and he’s just waiting for a little mistake by the #20 Sheldon Moniz catches back up and slips underneath Joseph and takes back 2nd. Now the Sheldon is throwing it in hard and deep and challenging the #20.  Chinen holds the low line and now we see the #80 fighting back on the #10.  The yellow comes out and again it takes two laps for the cars to slow.  The drivers are not seeing the flags too well. It’s been a great race so far with lots of passing up front, but no further changes of position for the final restart so the final results are Chinen with the win followed by Sheldon Moniz in 2nd, Ronald Joseph Jr. on the final podium positions with #80, #05, #24, #12, #5 and #18 behind.

Super Street Main Event:

Starting first is the #18 driven by Billy Pontin and to his right will be Randy Felici in the #5.  In row two we have the current point leader #21 of Joe Kovaloff and second in the points; the #83 belonging to Brian Torres.  In row three is Tom Snell’s #19 next to the #15 of George Grace Jr. followed by the remaining field. Randi Felici in the #5 spins at the end of lap 1 coming out of turn 4 and is unable to start.  He rolls slow after getting started and heads in to the pit with some kind of mechanical problem.  The #83 challenges the #21 around the outside on the ensuing restart and is after the leader, Billy Pontin, in the #18 flying high on the outside and putting all kinds of pressure on him, but the #18 holds tough.

The yellow’s out for the slow #15 on the back straight and he gets a push off the track. On the restart it’s the #18, #83, #21, #19 and the #02 and immediately the #83 is straight back after the leader, but not able to make inroads.  The #19 of Tom Snell spins and hits a tire that hits a light stand and it shakes pretty good, but appears ok although everyone slows to a crawl. On the restart it’s the #83 again and he gets around the #18 this time.  But the officials don’t like it for some reason saying Torres had jumped the start. 

Restart again and Kovaloff in the #21 is right up to the #83 now.  Torres tries the outside again and finally has the #18 this time. We see the #83 running away a bit now, but his passenger door flies open and I hear some in the crowd calling for black flag.  The door is definitely open, but it’s secure and in no danger of coming off so the officials allow for the racing to continue.  George Grace Jr. in the #15 comes back out and within the lap stalls it causing a yellow which was a bit unfortunate.  On the restart it’s the #83, #21, #18, #02 and #19. At the green we see the #21 gaining on the #83 now with a handful of laps left while the #18 has a problem and is dropping back.  At the checkered in first place and the new points leader, Brian Torres and in 2nd place Joe Kovaloff with 3rd going to the #18 of Billy Pontin followed by the #02, #19, #15 and #5.

Mini Truck Main Event:

This will be a ten lap feature with the #43 on the pole next to #4j  and the #5 by himself on the second row as the motor damage we saw to the #50 of Geoffrey Grace in the heat race must have been terminal. Keahi Kaliinoi in the #48 gets loose at the start and passed by Jahrod Mason in #4j going into turn 3.  The #48 fights back, but keeps loosing the rear end unable to get any kind of traction it appears.  James Brock in the #5 gets past him and starts hunting down #4j who (it sounds like) is throttle around the entire track.  Then Brock loops it and does a quick complete 360, keeps going and even with this the #48 is unable catch him. Now the # 48 spins exiting 4 and gets going again, but not before bringing out the yellow. So it’s #4j, #48 and #5 for restart, but the line-up is wrong and they correctly send the #48 to the back. On the restart there areonly two laps to go and unbelievably, Jarod Mason spins the #4j spins coming to the white flag and throws away the race handing it to the #5.

Mini Stock Main Event:  

On the Pole for a large field is the #22 of Charleston Cummings and he’s next to Bridon Moniz in the #18.  Next is the #58 of Bryson Felici next to the #43 of Keoki Medeiros followed by the #99 of Bobby Carrick who’s next to Dayton Kawashima in the #7 trailed by the rest of the field.  The start  is on and the white #58 of Bryson Felici spins going into 3 on lap 1 so it’s a restart. The lineup isn’t quite right so they send the cars around for a few laps while getting them organized. 

On the restart the #22 gets around the #18 on the outside (which has really been the aggressive move tonight that completes a pass).The # 43 passes the #99 just as the #18 spins to the inside. Lined up now are the #22, #99, #43, #58 #1, #7, #4, #8, #5, #8 & #18.   Another yellow for the Koa Almeida in the #4 who nearly takes out a tire and stalls in turn 4. The #1of Brandon Moniz and #43 have a good side by side battle for 4th for two solid laps, then Dayton Kawashima in the #7 spins with a flat tire and is asked to pull off the track.

Now it’s #22, #58,#99, #1, #43, #8, #5 & #18 followed by #8 and #4.  Keahi in the #8 pulls off the track as his door appears to nearly fall off.   #4 is still bringing up the rear with the #18 inside of the #43 and they are battling Moniz now passes #43 taking a high line and making ground on the Carrick in the #99 but gets loose and the 18 gets passed.   No one can touch the Cummings the leader and he’s pulling away.  Bobby Carrick isn’t done yet and he pressures Bradon Moniz for 2nd and as I look up to see the #1 has spun and think to myself “maybe the pressure worked”.  Back under yellow again, but Braidon gets the #1 going on his own so it’s a “quicky” yellow.

#22, #99, #18, #8, #43, #4, #7, #1 and # 5 are now the line-up.  Braidon Moniz in the #18 has clawed his way back up to 3rd at this point and the yellow again is displayed as someone gets into the back of the #1 exiting turn four and puts him into the concrete barrier.  On the restart the #18 goes up the inside of the #99 who crowds him down into the tires and there may be damage to Braidon’s car as the #18 pulls off the track. No penalty for the #99 so he starts 2nd.  The final restart see the #22 of Charleston Cummings lose it on the final corner and collects the concrete barricade.  The final results are 1st place to the #99, 2nd for the #4, 3rd to the #43 followed by the #5, #7, #1, #22, #18, #58 and the #2.

Cruiser Bruiser Main Event:

It’s well past midnight by now, but most of the fans have remained for the duration.  There are still a few races left with the HulaCross Main Events and a special Demolition Derby which is scheduled to cap off the night, but for now we have the last stock car action for the night of racing.  On the pole is #08 driven by Shawn Bautista next to the #43 of Andrew Char, then starting 3rd and 4th are the #89 and #13 then the #7, #14 & #77.  Alfonso Puma, in the #99, drops back at start while the #08 and #43 go at it for the lead. Lonnie Baker Sr. in the #77 is smoking badly again and the #14 spins out of control coming out of turn #4 and meanwhile  the race up front is tight (yellow flags are seldom thrown in the Cruiser Bruiser class unless stalled cars are unable to get going or if the race needs to be stopped for safety reasons).

Now the #13 of Nephi Young is trying the Char in the #43 on the outside with Puma fighting back and around the Lonnie Baker Jr. in the #7 for 4th.  Back at the front the #43 is still pressuring the #08 for 1st and the #77 closing in somewhat even with the smoke screen.  The checkers come out and in true bomber style the cars keep racing for a few laps after the finish.  At the flag it was Shawn Bautista with 1st, Andrew Char in 2nd and the #777 in 3rd.

Many of the spectators have had more than their fill of racing for the night and it’s getting late.  Remembering the dustiness of the heat race the officials call for watering the track as the Hulacross vehicles start to line up.  The water truck runs around and soaks the track now for the remaining events.  Tires are positioned and the track is now set up for the Hulacross Trucks & SUV’s Main.  Again please refer to the Hulacross article for the results related to this.

It was a fantastic night of non-stop racing...please see the following link for the current Stock Car Results & Current Point Standings:

Stock Car Results & Point Standings

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