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Stock Car Race & Results - Jul 14, 2013

Today's event finds us with bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds. It's a warm day, although cooler than it's been for the last week,and this really places a high demand on the drivers who need constant hydration and a little time in the shade in order to keep their cool.

Practice and hot laps complete, the first group of cars up for the beginning of the heat races will be the Modified class. On the pole is the 85 and next to him the 27. On the 2nd row we have the 18 next to the 25 and on the final row are the 50 and a new driver Jeremy (Boy) Moniz in the white 07. At the start of the race Tabangcura gets a good start and has the 85 in front while Peterson tucks the 27 in closely behind then it's one car back to the black #18 of Moniz and dropping back three of four more car lengths over the next lap. It's been mostly single file and by lap five Tabangcura has a five car length lead over second place and the gap is growing. It's a little bit dusty, but bearable so, with a little maintenance the track will hopefully hold up throughout the day. The 07 of Boy Moniz has been running carefully at the back of the pack and is getting lapped by the leader so he stays high to let the faster cars through. Peterson had been able to close the gap as they negotiated past the 07 and gets up towards Tabangcura's bumper at the finish, but the white flag flies and there's no opportunity fo him before the checkers fly. At the finish Tabangcura in front followed by Peterson, Chad Moniz in the 18, Muraoka driving the 25, Kovaloff in the 50 and rounding out the field; Boy Moniz in the 07.

The wind is blowing in from the ocean a bit today, not true Kona winds, but there's definitely some South in the direction and it's making great conditions for the crowd, many who erect tents over their sections of grandstands for a bit of shade, others who've peeled off their shirts for a bit of sun. Almost everyone is holding a bottle of water or cold drink and if you've forgotten to bring anything with you there are a growing number of vendors with all kinds of goodies for sale.

Next to race are the Mini Modifieds. The line up has the 8 on the pole and next to him the 46 followed by the 20 & 11. On row three are the 43 and 14, row four has the 6 & 92 and trailing the field is the 40. At the start the 46, being driven by Joseph Mangca today, spins in turn 2 bringing out a yellow which will cause a restart. Mangca brings the still running Mini Mod around the field an reassumes his starting position as directed by the officials. The 46 goes pretty wide and is a bit late at the restart and immediately the 20 of Clyde Sequin and the 14 of Richard Stewart dive into the hole created and get together causing the 14 to jump up into the air. This usually happens when there is wheel to wheel contact and is fairly common with open wheel cars. There is inevitably suspension damage with this type of contact and I'm expecting this to be the case, but after they get the stalled cars restarted all the cars, but the 14 of Richard Stewart are able to get back in their correct grid positions before they're off again.

Koa Grace has been patiently stalking in the 43 for a few restarts now and when the Sequin in the 20 tries to dive underneath Jimmy Joseph's 11 he figures this is his chance too. For a moment they're three wide until slipping back into single file. On lap four Mangca drifts wide and Joseph takes a look inside of Sequin making the pass for 2nd and while the door is open Grace get's the 43 in there again this time making the pass on the 20 and up to 3rd. Sequin has a problem and is slowing to the point that Darrick Rodrigues passes him in the 6 and then the 20 stops on the back straight. With the yellow flag flying the gradeall comes out to retrieve Sequin's idle racecar and the 20 of Sequin stops in front of the starter's stand with the front of the chassis sitting on the ground. It appears that the earlier incident where the 14 of Stewart flew up in the air may have caused some unseen damage. The restart will be two laps of green, white and checkered flags with the 8 of Lionel Haili in front of Koa Grace in the 43 then the 6 of Darrick Rodrigues, the 46 of Joseph Mangca and the 40 of Roland Buis. On the final lap Mangca tries to get next to Rodrigues, but is unable to make the pass.

In the Econo Sprint class there will be two heat races, but before things get started the water truck is brought out and they quickly spray the track meaning that the first heat of cars will need to massage the water into the track before getting started with the race. Once the pole sitting driver, Cy Thomas, feels the track is ready for competition he is supposed to indicate such to the officials, but the track is pretty slick so they run around for a number of additional laps. The 15 of Terry Andrade pulls off the track prior to the start and will score a DNS. On the start it's the 48 on the pole next to the 7x followed by the 43 and 18 and on the final row the 18. The 48 of Kapena Keliinoi goes wide as they wave the green, but keeps his momentum and position for a lap, but then goes wide again on the next lap this time making light contact with Thomas' 43. The 43 is heading to the pits after the contact, but on the restart we see the front three running in a tight pack up front. The 48 goes a bit wide at the exit of turn four and the 18 of Shane Moniz gets underneath for the pass.

Moniz is now after the 7x of Jeremy Moniz and is up ahead of him for a brief moment, but the 7x is back up the inside and in the lead again. After trying the outside Shane decides to try and squeese the 18 on even tighter line than Jeremy, but he's pinched it down too low and spins to the inside of the track in turn 2. Shane spins the car all the way around and keeps running, but by now all the other cars have passed and he's in the back. At the finish it's Jeremy Moniz in the 7x followed by Kapena Keliinoi's 48, Paul Belford in the 63, the 4 of Cy Thomas and rounding out the field is Shane Moniz in the 18. In the second heat it's the 11 on the pole and next to him the 22, then in the 2nd row we see the 14 and 8K and in the final row the 1 and the 2.On the wave of the green the 22 of Boy Moniz is around the outside of Ikaika Obrien's 11 and the 1 of Brendon Moniz moves his way into 4th while the 14 of Patrick Krob falls to the rear allowing the 2 of Kilika Bell by also. The 22 is pulling out a big lead and the 11 is chasing hard until he encounters lapped traffic in the form of the 14 and, pinching off his line just slightly, Ikaika spins the 11 to the inside. Meanwhile the 1 gets a little bit wide and Kilika Bell in the 2 pokes his nose in for the pass, but can't get it done. Brendon, still moving the 1 forward takes a look under the 8k now, but has to drop back in line as the driver, Kala Keliinoi, is undeterred, while Kilika Bell catches up to the back of them at the finish. Boy Moniz in the 22 takes the win followed by the 8k of Kala Keliinoi, the 1 of Brendon Moniz, Kilika Bell in the 2 and Patrick Krob in the 14.

Time for the Winged Sprints. On the pole is the 80 next to him on the outside is the 10. On row two we see the 1 and 20 and on row three the 12 and the 94. On the final row are the 5 and the 24. At the start the 1 of Sheldon Moniz appears to jump the start. That or Brian Torikawa in the 80 was dozing off at the light. The cars quickly settle in to a single file tight pack with no one wanting to give up the inside lane. The 12 of Patrick Krob goes a bit wide at the exit of turn 2, but manages to get back in line. Then the 80 of Torikawa goes really wide coming out of turn four and Sheldon manages to squeeze the 1 underneath for 2nd. Last event's winner, Jimmy Pontin, in the 24 seems unable to move forward mired at the back of the field. The 80 is trying to move back forward and appears to be making ground on 2nd place, but it's the 10 of Ronald Joseph at the finish followed by the 1 of Sheldon Moniz, then the 80 of Brian Torikawa, the 20 driven by James Chinen, Patrick Krob in the 12, Paul Perry in the 94, Jimmy Pontin's number 24 and the 5 of Dennis Krob rounding out the field.

In the Street Stock class we have a good field headed by the 18 next to the 83. On the second row its the 5 on the inside and the 02 to his right followed by the 15 and 8 and in the final position the 21. Brian Torres in the 83 gets around the outside of the 18 of Billy Pontin at the start and was never challenged for the remainder of the race, however there was some good battling going on behind him for the remaining positions. Forexample; the 5 of Randy Felisi made a strong move on the subsequent lap and managed to pass the 18 (who appears to be ailing) on the inside moving himself up to 2nd. Also, Bungi Grace got past the 2 of Jon Perry for 4th before suddenly the 21 spins coming out of turn 1 bringing the yellow out.On the restart it's the 83 followed by the 5, 18, 15, 02, 8 and 21. The 83 gets a big launch at the restart of the race and has a three car lead by the end of the next lap, once again pulling ahead. The 18 is back in 3rd and Bungi Grace in the 15 now gets past the 18 too. We see the 8 of David Rodrigues (who's been feeling out the new car) spin coming out of turn 4, but he's able to keep the car going so no yellow flag. By now Torres has a straight away lead for the 83 and Grace is making a charge on the 5 of Felisi that nearly works, but not quite. At the finish it's Brian Torres in the 83 followed by the 5 of Randy Felisi, Bungi Grace in the 15, the 02 of Paul Perry Joe Kovaloff in the 21, David Rodrigues in the 8 and the 18 of Billy Pontin.

There are supposed to be four of the Mini Trucks who run in the next class and the announcer tries a number of times to coax out the lone straggler, but to no avail. The field will be only three for this heat race and on the pole is the 50 of Geoffrey Grace with the 5 of James Brock to his right. Behind them is the lone 43 of Brennon Nash. Geoffrey gets a good start and his smooth riding racetruck is putting the 5 truck back a couple of truck lengths per lap. Geoffrey looks like he's in control today and keeping the truck pointed forwards, while adversely the 5 and the 43 are struggling. The 43 truck of Brennon Nash is bouncing wildly through the sweeping corners and I'm sure it'll bicycle soon if not roll over. Then Brock spins the 5, although keeping it running and not requiring a yellow flag from the starter. James Brock spins the little Mazda truck one more time for good measure, but Geoffrey is unrattled and wins his first race.

The water truck is brought out for a few circuits while the Mini-Stockers line up in the chute. The track has a bit dusty, but not too bad really considering the dry weather lately. The occasional light watering seems to be keeping enough moisture in the track to do the trick. As was the case for the Modifieds; the cars are brought on track for a dozen or so laps to work the water into the surface. At the start it'll be the 4 on the pole next to the 7 followed by 18 and 58 in row two, 22 and 99 in row three, 43 and 8 in row four and the 5 and 2 starting out there at the back (although my notes get a bit akward here so please bare with me). It still looks pretty damp when they throw the green flag and pole sitter, Koa Almeida, gets moved to the outside somehow while the 18 of Braedon Moniz gets underneath. There was a problem for the 7 also who had a slow start and drops back fairly quickly, but the 22 of Charleston Cummings had been working the inside line steadily and moved up to 5th then 3rd. Koa Almeida now fighting back, but then the yellow is out and he's relegated to 4th. The number 2 of Gary Mahaulu leaves the track after causing the yellow.

On the restart the 58 of Bryson Felisi tries Almeida as the 4 goes wide and the 5 of Allen Tabangcura tries the same, but is unable to pass. Cummings, now in 2nd place, has the pace of the 18 of Moniz and even taps him lightly at the apex of the turn a few times to let him know he's there, but Moniz, showing some maturity, knows not to give up the bottom line and keeps his lead position to the checkered flag. On the final lap Braedon Felisi tries one last pass on Almeida for 4th, but no dice. At the finish it was Moniz in the 18 with the win followed by Charleston Cummings in the 22, Keioki Medeiros in the 43 in 3rd, Bryson Felici brought the 58 home in 4th, 5th was the 4 of Koa Almeida, 6th to Allan Tabangcura in the 5 followed by the 7 of Dayton Kawashima, the 8 of Keoki Keliinoi, Bobby Carrick in the 99 and last the 2 of Gary Mahaulu.

The final heat race is the Bruiser Cruiser class, otherwise known as "bombers". On the pole is Mike Ortiz in the 14 with the 7 of Lonnie Baker Jr. to the outside and in row two; Todd Schueler in the 57 next to Lonnie Baker Sr. in the 77. On row three the 13 driven by Nephi Young and the 08 with pilot, Shawn Bautista, at the wheel. At the start the 7 appears to be passing the leader, but he half spins quickly followed by a spin from the 77. Yellows aren't used in the Cruiser Bruiser class so , just like that, Bautista is up to third. The 14 is pulling out a big lead over Schuler in 2nd. Schuler starting to drop back now into the clutches of 3rd place, Baker Jr. and behind them the 13 is working on the 08. Lonnie Baker Jr.'s 7 is smoking a bit and Shawn is working him over in the 08, he's smoking heavily now and the 08 is keeping pressure on him. The 7 and 08 start catching the leader right at the end, but the victory goes to Mike Ortiz in the 14 followed by the 07, 08, 13, 77 and 57.

We take a short break to run the HulaCross Division of Cars, Trucks and SUV's. Please refer to the section of the website pertaining to this seies for the artcle.

So we're all set for the main events now and, as is usual, we start off with the Modifieds. The line up has the 85 on the pole next to the 27 and followed by the 12, 25, 50 and 07 in that order. On the start the 27 goes wide and drops all the way back to the 5th position. The course workers watered the track before the HulaCross event and it still looks pretty wet out there on the outer line. The 18 of Chad Moniz is pressuring the 85 for the lead and gets his front end underneath Tabangcura a few times althoug, at the moment, unable to pass. The 07 of Boy Moniz is hanging at the back picking up valuable experience and getting a bunch of laps under his belt, but certainly not racing for the lead today.

Moniz tries again and again to get past Tabangcura, but the driver of the 85 is showing some cool nerves and isn't flustered by the 18's attempts. There's a spin from the 07 and the yellow comes out bunching up the field and on the restart we see Ronald Peterson trying to move the 27 forward only to be forced back in line lest he give up his current position. 1st and 2nd are gapping the field now and finally the 18 gets by the 85 as they come out of turn 2. Tabangcura tries the 18 on the outside opening up the door for the 25 of Chris Muraoka who's been stalking patiently in 3rd. Tabangcura might have been having a problem as the 25 gets past, then the 27 and the 50 of Brian Kovaloff. The 85 dropped four positions in as many laps and theyend up with Chad Moniz taking the win followed by Chris Moraoka in 2nd, Ronald Peterson getting the 27 up to 3rd, the 50 of Kovaloff in 4th, a dissaspointed Crispen Tabangcura all the way back in 5th and the rookie, Boy Moniz, bringing up the rear of the field.

In the Mini-Modified main event we have nine cars that will be going at it. On the pole is the 8 and next to him the 43 followed by the 6 and 46, 40 and 20, the 14 and the 92 and then the 11. The 43 left a tiny gap to the inside as he looked around the Lionel Haili in the 8 for the lead for a moment. The 92 of David Michaelmor spins so the yellow comes out and it will be a full restart. At the subsequent restart Grace leaves a small openning again and, sure enough, this time the 6 is through and in to second. Grace settles into 3rd for now and behind him is the 11 of Jimmy Joseph with a gap forming back to 5th. 1st thru 4th are running in a tight single file pack. Rodrigues tries to force the 6 around the Haili, but ends up swinging wide and allowing the 43 and 11 to pass underneath. Grace seems to have the measure of Haili in the 8 also and makes an inside pass for the lead as they exit turn 2.

The 14 0f Richard Stewart leaves the track with some type of problem and meanwhile Koa Grace extends his lead over 2nd place. Haili is starting to hold up the cars behind him and Grace, showing a lot of composure is steadily extending his lead and in full control of the race now. Haili is showing some wisps of smoke from the engine compartment which could be the cause of him slowing on the track. Joseph tucks the 11 under the 8 for a moment, but has to back out of it and back into single file and at the end of the race it's Koa Grace in the 43 with the win, followed by Lionel Haili in the 8, the ll of Jimmy Joseph, Darrick Rodrigues in the 6, Joseph Mangca in the 46, the 20 of Clyde Sequin and Richard Stewart being recorded in 8th.

Econo Sprints up next and qualifying (based on the finishing order of the two heat races) has the 7x on the pole next to the 22. On the 2nd row it's the 48 and 8, then a row back are the 63 and 1. In row four we find the 43 and 2 followed by the 18 and 14 and bringing up the rear the 11. The 43 of Cy Thomas is unable to start himself and the rules dictate he must thus go to the rear of the field. We see the 48 go back there too which shuffles the starting grid slightly. The push truck tries to get the 43 started and they push Cy all the way around the track, but to no avail, the car simply won't start so he gets pushed off the track. At the wave of the green Boy Moniz spins the 22 collecting the 8k of Kala Keliinoi, the 2 driven by Kilika Bell and Brendon Moniz in the 1. Moniz' car climbs the nerf bar of the 22 and they are stuck together. Needless to say the yellow is out and it'll take a few minutes to untangle the cars and get restarted. The contact wasn't heavy, but the suspensions being somewhat fragile and the exposed wheels easily coming together, it's pretty easy to get damage from this kind of incident. The gradeall is brought out and they get the cars untangled. I'm not sure, but the 11 of Joseph may have been involved in the pile-up too as we see him stopped in the middle of turns 1 and 2 with a flat right rear tire. Brendon Moniz pulls the 1 off the track under his own power while the 8 and the two are pulled into the infield in order to expedite the restart. The gradeall comes back out for the 11 and after hooking him up to some lifting straps he's helped off the track and into the pits. The once full field of cars is drastically reduced to only six remaining at this point for a full restart.

At the green Boy Moniz tries to get Jeremy's 7x on the outside and he opens a small hole that the 18 tries to fill while at the back the 63 of Paul Belford spins coming out to turn four and the yellow is back out again.This restart will be single file with the 7x leading the 18, 22, 48, 4 & 63. Jeremy gets a kind of slow restart for the 7x and Shane Moniz in the 18 tags him lightly in the rear, but there's no spin or damage so they keep going. The 18 tries the inside again in turns 1 and 2, but this time Jeremy holds the tight line and the 18 spins while trying to keep from hitting the 7x. Boy Moniz keeps his foot in the throttle of the 18 spinning the car all the way around and making the dust cloud of the day, but he's unable to keep the car rolling so the yellow is out again. On the restart the 22 of Boy Moniz is working the 7x by staying a half car width to the outside as Jeremy is keeping the 7x down low. It's a few car lengths back to Kapena Keliinoi in 3rd place with the 14 of Pat Krob who's looking underneath him for any opportunity when suddenly the 48 spins to the infield coming out of turn 2. There are ten laps complete at this point and the 14 is up to 3rd place and trying to get 2nd away from the 22. They're side by side for a whole lap and finally Krob prevails as does Belford who's been patiently waiting dropping the 22 back to 4th. At the finish it's Jeremy Moniz in the 7x with the win followed by Pat Krob in the 14, Paul Belford's 63, the 22 of Boy Moniz, Terry Andrade in the 5, and then Shane Moniz' 18. DNS for the 43, 8k, 1 , 11 and the 2.

The Winged Sprints are up next for their main event and on the pole is the 10 with the 1 next to him to his right. On row 2 you find the 80 and 20 followed by the 12 and 94 in row three and the 24 to the inside of the 5 on row four. They watered down the track a bit during the break between heats and the Winged Sprints run about a dozen laps until pole sitter, Ronald Joseph, gives the starter the thumbs-up indicating he feels the track is ready. The inside line looks a bit better prepared, but at the start I'm proven wrong as Sheldon Moniz jumps the 1 out to a great start on the outside. Ronald Joseph didn't anticipate the start and this bunches up the cars behind him as they enter turn 1 with the 80 of Brian Torikawa somehow coming through unscathed. It's a mess in the middle of turns 1 and 2 and I hear the announcer tell the crowd that the 10 of Ronald Joseph has hit one of the tires(that demark the inside of the corner) and that he will need to be towed off. The yellow has come out and I see the 20 of James Chinen roll off and a few moments later back on to the track.

Brian Torikawa now assumes the pole position as there will be a full restart and it appears the 10 jumps the start, but the green flag flies and suddenly the 80 is back in 3rd being passed on the outside by both the 1 and the 5 of Dennis Krob right behind him. The 80 looks like he has a problem and I wonder if he might have a little damage from the lap 1 incident where he seemed to have made it through. The 80 dropping back 3 three then six car lengths and into the clutches of Parick Krob in the 12 and Jimmy Pontin's 24. Then the 80 is around in a full 360 with cars passing either side, Pontin just barely missing him to the inside. The order, now completely shuffled from the original grid is 1, 5, 12, 24, 20 and 80. Dennis Krob does a good job of running a half lane up from the leader, Sheldon Moniz, in the ensuing laps and the two leaders are pulling out a big lead over the rest of the field and the 80 might become a factor in the race as he's about to get lapped, but manages to stay on the lead lap as Moniz started stretching out a lead on Krob at the finish. Sheldon Moniz in the 1 takes the win with Dennis Krob's 5 in 2nd followed by Partick Krob in the 12, Jimmy Pontin in the 24, the 20 of James Chinen and the 80 of Brian Torikawa.

Street Stock main event will see the 83 on the pole next to the 5 and followed by the 15 who's next to the 02. In row three it's the 8 to the inside of the 18. At the start Bungi Grace drives the 15 up to the inside of Randy Felisi's 5 and appears to turn him around. Brian Torres had taken off at the start so I'll give Bungi the benefit of doubt that the 5 was slow to get started. Unfortunately Felisi has a flat tire which forces him pull the car off the track and makes me wonder if the flat came before the contact which would explain a slow start for the 5. Jon Perry gets past Bungi's 15 on the restart and David Rodrigues has an awkward moment when he saves a spin only to shoot back out into the track and into the side of Joe Kovaloff's 21. Kovaloff now has a problem that takes him out of the race and into the pits, but meanwhile this has given Felisi time to fix his flat tire and get the 5 back on the track. It's a single file restart with the 83 in front followed by the 02, 15, 18, 8 and 5. Torres is very strong and pulls the line forward,stretching out the cars as the laps pass, but Perry seems to start gaining on Torres who's running a bit wider line than the rest. Suddenly the 15 is stopped in turn 4 and the announcer tells us the car had jumped up in the air. The right front is badly broken and the gradeall is brought out to retrieve the car. Another car limps off the track, still under yellow as Grace's car is removed and we're down to three remaining cars; the 83,the 02 and the 08. David drops the 8 back with a right rear problem as Torres and Perry cruise to the checkered flag.

In the Mini Truck Main Geoffrey Grace has the 50 on the pole next to the 5 of James Brock. In row two it's the 43 of Brennon Nash next to the 4j of Jared Taguchi-Mason. The front bumpers of the 43 and the 5 get hooked together at the start and the two trucks stop locked together in front of the starter's stand. Of course, the crowd goes crazy and the announcer excitedly calls out the live action as the officials take to the track to get the trucks separated.Somehow the 5 has a flat right rear tire out of all of this (which seems odd ass his contact had been to the right, so maybe the tire got rolled off the rim?). Brock limps the 5 off the track and he's followed by Nash in the 43 for no visible reason. We're down to the 50 and 4j at this point and Grace is proving to be the class of the field today with the other trucks appearing unable to keep up. Brock gets the 5 back out on the track five laps behind and at the end Geoffrey gets the 50 a little loose just to keep us on the edge of our seats, but keeps control for his first main event win. In second was the 47 of Taguchi-Mason followed by the 5 of James Brock and the 43 of Brannon Nash.

There are ten cars lined up for the Mini Stock main event. We joke in the tower and place fake bets as to how many of the field will remain at the checkered flag. We joke, in part due to the fact that a number of cars in previous races hadn't completed the whole race, but we end up being proven wrong as eight cars are still running at the checkered flag. On the pole is the 18 and next to him the 22. On row two it's the 43 and the 58 followed by the 4 and 5. Row four is the 7 and 8 and on the final row we have the 99 and the 2. They've watered the track and the cars run a number of laps to work the water into the track when we see the 18 has a flat right rear tire. There's alot of debate as to whether it's low (as to the driver's preference) or truly flat and unintended. The flagman shows the 18 the black flag and his crew call him in and get the tire changed while the track is still being conditioned so when the cars form up for the grid the 18 is put on the pole where he should be. The 4 of Koa Almeida had also had a flat during this period and headed for the pits, but was not able to get back on the track before the green and is one lap down when he re-enters the track. Dayton Kawashima spins the 7 to the outside in turn 3 and the yellow comes out so the 7 is sent to the back at the restart. The 22 of Charleston Cummings has now still in 5th place not having been able to move forward yet.

Meanwhile it starts getting tight as Keoki Medeiros is working the outer rear quarter panel of Bobby Carrick's 99 and the 22 of Cummings is right behind them. The outside pass Medeiros had been working on the 99 had failed and now Allan Tabangcura's 5 as well as the 8 of Keahi Keliinoi get past him on the inside. Medeiros has a bad mis-fire, which is the cause for his demise, as Almeida and Kawashima both get by, but the suddenly just ahead of them the 5 is into the side of the 22 in the middle of turns 3 and 4 then the Yellow comes out. It had appeared to me that the pack of cars running in front of the 5 and the 22 had slowed suddenly. Cummings had been able to get on the brakes in time, but Tabangcura had not. Thus the 5 was sent to the back and Cummings returned to his position in 4th. I may as well reset the order as a lot has happened in the race so far; 18, 58, 99, 22, 4, 7, 8 and 5. Green flag and Cummings sticks the nose of the 22 inside of 99, Carrick, but then thinks better of it. Almeida in the 4 had tried moving up on Cummings and when he dropped back in line it pinched off the 4 who spins to the inside for yet another yellow. On the restart Carrick is dropping back from the front two and Cummings takes a stab at 3rd place, making the pass just before the next yellow for the 4 in turn 3. So far there have been a lot of spins and yellows, but almost all the cars are still running. Just as I think that the 4 won't restart and needs a push off and the 99 of Carrick leaves the track too. On the restart Brandon Moniz (all the action has been behind him) is controlling the race pace and everyone gets single file for the final few laps with the 22 showing a little smoke on the last lap. Finishing Finishing order: Braedon Moniz 18 in 1st followed by the 58 of Bryson Felisi, Charleston Cummings in the 22, the 8 of Keahi Keliinoi, the 5 of Allan Tabangcura, Koa Almeida's 4 in 6th, the 7 of Dayton Kawashima, Bobby Carrick in the 99, and in the final two positions; the 43 of Koa Medeiros and the 2 of Gary Mahaulu.

Ahh, the final race of the day and it's been a good one so far with the schedule moving along at a reasonable pace with not too many delays or too much carnage. It's the Cruiser Bruiser class and it should be interesting. The 14 has a new driver so he is shifted from the pole back to the rear of the field. This is always a pleasant surprise to the 3rd driver in the grid as it moves that car and all cars in line behind it forward one row (or two positions). Thus it's the 08 on the pole now next to the 7. Behind them on the inside is the 13 and next to him the 77. On row three the 57 and the 14. Driver of the 13, Nephi Young, is wide at the start and smartly the 77 of Lonnie Baker Sr. is inside for 3rd then working the outside of the 7, Lonnie baker Jr. The 14 of Mike Ortiz comes around the next lap with a flat tire and the 77 goes a little wide in turns 3 and 4 nearly hitting the wall, but saving it.

We get a big surprise as Lonnie Baker Sr. blows up the 77 as he crosses the start finish line and parts and pieces go flying all over the track. There's much debate over what exactly had been destroyed, but I thought I had seen a piston, whereas others guessed transmission had erupted. The red flag was needed to stop the cars and I may as well explain the restart procedure as I understand it: On the restart the cars go green from the position they had stopped on the track. Which is another way of saying; when the red flag comes out some drivers try to get away with slowing as late as possible in order to make up whatever ground they might be able to gain under the red. The 7 of Lonnie Baker Jr. is sitting in turns 1 and 2 dropping fluids so there's a question in my mind about his reliability.

The green drops and the 13 is off and running away in the lead while Todd Schuler in the 57 seems to be holding up Bake Jr. the 7 who decides to try the outside. The 57 has a flat and while he's been holding up the 7 Bautista has come forward and gets the 08 by both of them. Mike Ortiz re-enters the track in the 14, but he's a few laps down and not a factor (or at least he shouldn't be). Schuler stays out now with the tire shredding to pieces. Somehow the 14 now gets tangled with the leader, Shaun Bautista, coming out of turn 4 causing them both to come to a stop just past the start/finish and there's no flag with the two cars stopped on the track. They finally get untangled at which point the other cars have been flying past them at race speed. This is somewhat a problem with the flagging nature of the Bomber class whereby only the red flag is used to stop the race (there are no yellows). You'll want to refer to the website's posting of rules and regulations in order to get more clarification on this. All the cars now running again and they way I have it scored the 13 is in the lead followed by either the 57 or the 7 depending if the 57 went down a lap with the flat tire.Then the 08 is either 3rd or 4th once again depending on the 57's finishing position. It was determined that the officials would review the video of the race before determining the finishing order and provide clarification at that point.

Check out the results by clicking here!

The ensuing HulaCross event was really something and worth hanging around for. The story and photos can be found in that section of the website.

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