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Friday, October 31, 2014
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Stock Car Race & Results - June 23rd, 2013

SC 6/23/13

Race number 4 for the 2013 season finds us at a hot and sunny day race, but the weather is looming over the Ko’olau mountain range somewhat and rain is a possibility later in the day. There aren’t as many cars here as last month’s night race, but this is, by far, the best showing of racers at a day event to date. Once “pack track” and practice were finished the track was looking in great shape, but the windy, sunny conditions would inevitably dry it out fairly quickly.

The heat races were announced and once the cars were lined up at the track entrance (the “chute”) we paused for the National Anthem and prayer prior to racing.

There are a total of eight groups of varying cars arranged into their respective classes and the order in which they run is intended to get the cars with the widest tires out first, I think in part to help the track avoid rutting from the narrower tires when the track is still moist.

Modified Heat Race

18-Chad Moniz                  50-Brian Kovaloff
85-Chros Tabancura          25-Chris Muraoka
27-Ronald Peterson            07-Larry Toro
46-Paul Perry Jr.                                                                                                                              

At first it appeared to me that the race was off to a jerky start and stop then restart. The yellow flag comes out and the cars run two slow laps and I realize they had only come out and run a few warm up laps all bunched together as though they were racing. The cars line up and reduce the pace now and as they exit turn 3 start speeding up and take the checkered exiting turn 4. On lap two the orange 27 of Ronald Peterson spins out of turn 2. On the restart I see the 07 0f Larry Toro trailing behind pack so Perry Jr. must have gotten by It’s already dusty on the inside of the corners indicating a quickly drying track that will need attention throughout the day . It’s single file racing although the 27 looks inside 85 as he thinks about going around the 50 on the outside, but the Peterson thinks better of it realizing how vulnerable he was and pulls back in line. The 85 goes wide in turn 3 then suddenly there’s a yellow for Peterson who has spun turn 2 and stalled. Peterson gets the car restarted and heads for the pits followed by the 25 of Chris Muraoka. For the restart it’s the 18, 50, 85 and 07 lined up coming out of turn 2 as Muraoka suddenly comes back out just ahead of the restarting group. Before we are really able to get going the 50 of Kovaloff spins in turn 1 collecting Tabangcura who has to be pulled off with the gradeall due to a broken front end. Peterson is allowed back out and paces at the back of the track. The announcer tells us we are 5 laps down. The line-up has 18, 50, 25, 27 & 07 as the green is waved and the 27 goes wide at turn 2 and I see him falling back while Chad Moniz is out front and pulling away. At the checkered it’s the 18, 50, 25, 27, 07 & 46.

It’s deemed that the track is already too dusty to allow racing to continue so the water truck makes a few circuits while the Mini-Modifieds are brought out to run a dozen, or so, slow laps. It’s pretty slippery after the wetting and before the race even starts there’s a “casualty” as the 8 heads in to the pits with a problem.

Mini Modified Heat Race

6-Darrick Rodrigues                46-Bulla Nelson
40-Roland Buis                      20-Clyde Sequin
43-Koa Grace                       8-Anthony McCandless.

At the start there is all kind of action up front, but it settles down with the 6 in the lead and the 46 in 2nd by the end of lap 2. On the next lap the 20 spins but is able to keep rolling so there is no yellow flag. Bulla Nelson in the 46 gets to the lead in 3 & 4 by getting down under the 6 and hugging the inside line. Darrick Rodrigues in the 6 passes the 46, but Nelson answers back just as the 92 spins in turn 4 bringing the yellow out. They line up for the restart with the 46 ahead of the 6 and followed by Sequin in the 20. Now we see the cars all stacked up behind the 46 who keeps it low and wins. Rodrigues had tried a bold pass outside in 3 & 4 in order to try a little different line, but had drifted way wide and giving up 2nd to the 20. At the finish the order was 46, 20, 6, 4, 14, 40 and 92.

I notice the clouds continuing to build in the direction of the Ko’olaus.

Econo Sprint Heat Race # 1

2-Kilika Bell                         11-Ikaika O’Brien
3-Cy Thomas                      7X-Jeremy Moniz
63- Paul Belford Jr.

At the start there’s smoke from the red & black 2 of Bell and he’s forced to pull off the track. The 63 of Belford goes real wide in turn 2 and keeps his foot in it spinning close to the wall and stalling the car. The yellow comes out and after getting the car restarted the 63 goes to the back of the pack. We’re now two laps down and on the restart it’s the 43, 11, 7x & 63. Thomas in the 43 experiences a huge push (understeer) coming out of 4 and has to lift allowing O’Brien in the 11 to get under him at the exit. The 43 is now smoking little and we see the 63 going around Geremy Moniz in the 7x. O’Brien is looking strong and pulling out a lead when suddenly his radiator hose blows and he’s forced to pull off. The yellow gets displayed and on the next restart Geremy makes a nice “around the outside” move then able to pinch his line down at turn 1 forcing the 43 to back down. To the end it’s close at front with Thomas in the 43 harassing the 7x all the way to the checkered flag. At the checkered it was 7x, 43, 63, 11, 21.

Econo Sprint Heat Race #2

8-Kala Kaliinoi                    48-Kapena Kaliinoi
14-Tony Lederer                15-Terrie Andrade
1- Brandon Moniz

A slight drizzle has started to come down on the track now. At the start the 15 of Andrade stalls in turn 1 then gets pushed off by the push truck. On the restart Brandon Moniz in the1 gets around Andrade for 3rd and we see the 8, 48, 1 & 14 all strung out single file now. The drizzle continues, but it’s light and doesn’t seem to be affecting the racetrack. Kala Keliinoi has the 8 pulling out a pretty good lead now and the track looks and even sounds tacky even with the drizzle. At the finish it’s the 8 followed by the 48, 1, 14 & 15.

Winged Sprint Heat Race

24-Jimmy Pontin                              80-Brian Tirikawa
20-James Chinen                             1- Sheldon Moniz

On the start the 80 of Torikawa is sniffing the outside line for the lead, but the 20 of Chinen gets under and around the 80 who, while running a mid line, left the bottom open. Surprisingly the 80 is able to get the position back a lap later. Moniz in the 1 stalls it in turns 3 and 4, but gets it going after the yellow comes out. On the restart the 80 is again running a half lane up, but no one is able to take the position away. You can hear the screeching sound of the tires on the ever drying track now as it starts taking on tire rubber and there’s a dark line showing on the low lane where most of the cars are running. At the checkered it’s the 24 of Pontin then the 80, 20 & 1.

Street Stock Heat Race

5-Randy Felisi                                    19-Tom Snell
15-Bungi Grace                                  18-C Moniz
21- Joe Kovaloff                                 33-Angel Rodrigues
3-Brian Torres                                    02-Jon Perry                                                      

The pole sitter, Randy Felisi pulls into pits before the race even starts. At the wave of the green flag Jon Perry is trailing the field and slow while everyone else gets away nicely. Then, battling in the back the 21 of Kovaloff tags Moniz and turns him into one of the big tires that demarks the inside of the corner. Moniz gets it going and it’s the 21 who ends up stalling the car so there appears to be some kind of justice to the contact and all of this in the first lap. The officials send the 18 to the back surprisingly and indicate that the lap had been completed. On the restart the 21 now gets inside Snell in the 19 who goes wide and nearly tags the wall dropping all the way to the rear of the field. Kovaloff isn’t done yet and the 21 gets past the 83 of Torres and all the time Bungi Grace in the 15 pulling out to a straight away lead. Nearing the end of the race we see Grace now lapping the slowing 19 and making an impressive pass at the starting line. Snell takes an ailing 19 off the track and the 18 of Moniz is unable to move forward. So at the finish it’s the 15 followed by 21, 83, 02, 18, 19 & 5.

Mini Trucks Heat Race

5-James Broch                                   50-Geofry Grace
4J-Jahrod Taguchi-Mason

The start the small but growing field of four cylinder trucks gets off to a bit of a ragged start with the 50 of Geofrey Grace running a bit of a wide line in 2nd place and dangerously close to the loose material. He’s getting the truck very sideways eventually spins out in turn 2. He’d been trying to get around the 5 of James Broch who had the inside lane covered. Geofrey manages to stay on the lead lap and is quickly moving forward quickly again and the truck is showing a lot of forward bite before he spins it, then again 4 laps later. The race finishes with the 50 taking the win, the 4J of Jahrod Taguchi-Mason taking a subtle 2nd and for good measure the 50 spins it one more time still looking for grip on the outside taking 3rd.

Mini Stock Heat Race #1

7-Dayton Kawashima                         8-Keahi Keliinoi
18-Brendon Moniz                             4-Koa Almeda                                                                                                       

At the start Kawashima gets away with the blue 7 while Keahi Keliinoi in the silver 8 stays on the outer rear quarter panel of Kawashima. The move gives room for the 18 of Moniz to stick his nose in. They battle it out for a lap or so then the 8 of Keliinoi gets in under the 18, but gets loose in turns 1 and 2 causing the two of them to spin out at turn 2 exit. The cars get restarted and then the 8 stalls while the 18 keeps going. The officials determine it was Moniz that had caused the yellow so he will start at the back of the pack, while the 8 gets a push off the track. On the restart it’s the 7, 4 & 18 (and I think the 8 got back out as he ends up taking 3rd).  The yellow comes back out for the 18 in turn 1 who spins and stalls. Koa Almeda has some type of problem and has dropped out of 2nd at this point while Moniz refires and gets going on his own. At the finish it’s the 7, the 18, 8 & 4

Mini Stock Heat Race #2

5-Alan Tabangcura                                99-Bobby Carrick
22-Charleston Cummings                         2-Gary Mahaulu
58-Brandon Felisi

The race starts and immediately the 58 of Felisi is inside of the 2 at the back of the pack. Cummings had dropped back , but now we see the 22 inside the 58 trying to take the position and the 5 slipping backwards. Suddenly the 99’s hood comes flying up and folds back on the windshield. He can’t see a thing, gives up his racing in 2nd place and he has to pit although the yellow has already come out. The lineup shows 22, 58, 2 and 5. Yellow had been out for a while now and gave time for the 99 to pit and remove the hood in time to beat the green flag. On the restart Gary Mahaulu, in car 2, does a half spin and the 99 gets by. Mahaulu pulls the 2 off the track and the 99 now in 3rd. Cummings has really performed since initially dropping back and has the 22 now coming up on the lap traffic of the 5 who has a misfire. Felisi in the 58 hasn’t lost touch with the leader and starts gaining on the 22, but gets slowed by the 5 who goes wide at the start finish to let the leaders through as the checkers fell. At the finish it was the 22 of Cummings in 1st then 58, 99, 5 & 2.

Bomber Heat Race

08-Shawn Bautista                                99-Alfonso Puma
14-Paul Gaui                                         7-Lonnie Baker Jr.
77-Lonnie baker Sr.

At the start Lonnie baker Jr. in the 7 charges between Paul Gaui’s 14 & the 99 of Alfonso Puma, but Puma will have none of it and fights back. Then Puma suddenly pulls off the track. Lonnie Baker Sr. in the station wagon is trying the outside around the 14 and they are next to each other for two laps until finally the 77 spins. The 14 spins a few times also and being this is bomber racing they keep running until at the end only the 08 is left at the checkered flag with the 14, 77, 7 & 99 either trailing or off the track.

There is a brief change of venue while the Hulacross cars, trucks and SUV’s continue with their heat races for championship series which utilize basically the same track with a few modifications while the stock car racers prepare for their main events.

Modifieds Main Event

18-Chad Moniz                  50-Brian Kovaloff
27-Ronald Peterson            85-Chris Tabangcura
07-Larry Toro                    

The green is displayed and Ronald Peterson immediately has the 27 inside the 50 who’s searching on the outside then the 85 of Tabangcura gets past too. Moniz in the 18 looks to be holding up faster cars behind him, but is controlling the pace and not giving anyone a sniff of the inside line. He keeps holding a tight inside line the others can’t get around and is given plenty of room by the lapped 07 of Larry Toro who keeps to the outside. Tabangcura in the 85 is dropping back to the 50 of Kovaloff a bit and the cars are really kicking up the dust now. Kovaloff is now all over the 85 and gets inside coming out of turn 2 with 2 laps to go. It looks like the right rear on the 85 is going flat. When the checkers fly it’s Moniz in the 18 then the 27, 50, 85 & 07.

Mini Modified Main Event

46-Bulla Nelson                                20-Clyde Sequin
6-Darrick Rodrigues                           43-Koa Grace
14-Richard Stewart                           8-Anthony McCandless
92-David Michelmore                    

It looked kind of like a bad start as the 6 of Darrick Rodrigues gets a run on Clyde Sequin in the 20 and passes before the green flag has waved. Then, towards the back of the field, Anthony McCandless in the 8 spins going in to turn 3 and the yellow is out. McCandless is able to get going on his own and we see the 92 come out on to the track late. On the restart Bulla Nelso in the 46 is doing a nice job of controlling the inside line, the result being that cars are starting to back up behind him a little. Darrick Rodrigues in the 6 keeps trying the outside on Nelson and leaves a small space for the 20 who squeezes through and also gets under the 46 for the lead. The 46 went wide for just a second and that‘s all it took. Clyde Sequin piloting the 20 starts pulling out a lead and the 6 trying desperately to get around 46. Suddenly the 20 slows and stops coming out of turn 2 letting all others by and stopping on the track. On the restart it’s Bulla Nelson in front with the 46 followed by 6, 14, 8, 43 & 92. Nelson leaves a little hole that Rodrigues looks at, but then closes down to the inside. The 6 smartly backs out of it and has to try the outside again, but there’s no time left. They finish in the same order they restarted with Bulla Nelson taking the win.

Econo Sprint Main Event

43-Cy Thomas                                    8-Kala Kaliinoi
48-Kapena Kaliinoi                               7X-Jeremy Moniz
63- Paul Belford Jr.                              2-Kilika Bell
14-Tony Lederer                                 1- Brandon Moniz                                                                                                                                           

At the start we see Paul Belford Jr. in the 63 try the outside around Kapena Kaliinoi in the 48, but no dice. It’s very dusty now and the Geremy Moniz in the 7x is working the bottom under Belford who’s still looking outside. Every inch of territory is already spoken for on the low line so we see divers like Brandon Moniz in the 1 trying the outside with nothing to lose at the back. Suddenly the leader, Cy Thomas, in the 43 slows and pulls off and then the yellow comes out. The new line up now has the 8 in front followed by 48, 7x, 63, 14 & 1. Only one line seems to be working and the 48 is all over the 8 for the lead, but there is nowhere to pass and any move to the outside line leaves the leading car defenseless to the driver behind. Right at the end we see the Geremy Moniz in the7x move up the racetrack, but he goes really wide and nearly lets 63 underneath. At the checkered it’s the 8 of Kala Kaliinoi followed by the 48, 7x, 63, 14, 1 & 43.

Winged Sprint Main Event

24-Jimmy Pontin                              80-Brian Tirikawa
20-James Chinen                              1- Sheldon Moniz

At the start the 80 of Brian Torikawa tries the high line around the leader, but gives up 2nd position James Chinen in doing so. A few laps later the 80 spins after veering very wide. He keeps the car going, but the yellow ends up coming out anyway. The 80 is again wide at thesubsequent restart, but then Chinen In the 20 tries the outside and opens up a hole for a second. Jimmy Pontin in the black 24 is pulling away and the 80 is right on the 20. Torikawa keeps trying the outside line and it’s almost working. At one point he goes really wide coming out of turn 4 and slightly brushes the wall before cutting back across the track and down to the next apex and, although showing some real car control, it’s too late and the 1 of Sheldon Moniz (who has been waiting for this) gets through for 3rd. In the end the 24 of Pontin wins by a straight away followed by the 20, 1 and 80.

Street Stock Main Event

15-Bungi Grace                                21- Joe Kovaloff
83 -Brian Torres                               02-Jon Perry
18-C Moniz                                     19-Tom Snell
5-Randy Felisi                                                                                                                   

From the very first wave of the green flag they’re beating and banging over 2nd place with the 83 of Brian Torres pressuring Joe Kovaloff in the 21. It looks as though Jon Perry in the 02 is fading a little, while Bungi Grace in the 15 simply took off at the start and is gone! The 21 gets loose coming out of turn 4, but holds his line. It appears as though the 19 of Tom Snell has something dangling from the front (and on the next lap I see it’s his bumper) and then pulls off the track after receiving the black flag from the starter’s tower.   The 15 is ahead of the rest of the field by nearly half a lap now and the 83 tries the outside repeatedly, but it’s really become a one groove racetrack and the tight line is prevailing. Kovaloff in the 21 and Moniz in the 18 gapping the 4th place car of Jon Perry in the 02 who, in turn, is able to keep the 18 behind him up to the checkered flag. The 18 almost makes the pass work on the last lap, but not quite. At the finish it’s Bungi Grace in the 15 then the 21 followed by 83, 02, 18, 5 & 19.

Mini Trucks Main Event

5-James Broch                                   4J-Jahrod Taguchi-Mason
50-Geofry Grace                                             

At the wave of the green flag Geofrey Grace in the 50 shows a lot of speed, but maybe not enough patience (as he spins James Broch in the 5) causing a restart. Now we see the 50 get around the 4J on lap 2 and this time he just barely touches the 5 coming out of 2 and spins him again. Geofrey is learning this truck which is new to him and will be starting from the back again as they put the 5 back out in front for the restart after being turned around. On the restart Geofrey spins himself out this time, but keeps going so there is no yellow. Broch in the 5 is pulling out a lead on the 4j of Jahrod Taguchi-Mason and the 50 who are both half a lap back. Suddenly the Orange 4j spins coming out of 2 and the yellow is out again.  On the restart and the second to last lap the 50 has the legs on the 5 and makes the pass to the front in the middle of turns 1 & 2 only to spin himself in the next corner. The 50 is developing a nasty misfire that he’s unable to overcome so he leaves the track 1 lap early. James Broch wins in the 5, followed by 4j & 50.

Mini Stock Main Event

7-Dayton Kawashima                         22-Charleston Cummings
18-Brendon Moniz                             99-Bobby Carrick
8-Keahi Keliinoi                                 5-Alan Tabangcura
4-Koa Almeda                                    2-Gary Mahaulu
58-Brandon Felisi                                                                                            

The 7 of Dayton Kawashima gets a good start and pulls out the lead. Bobby Carrick in the 99 goes really wide and makes a huge dust cloud coming out of 4 making officials and fans groan alike. We see Alan Tabangcura in the 5 go up the middle in between a bunch of cars right as the 58 of Brandon Felici gets turned around and we see a car jump up in the air as contact is made. As the dust settles the 58 and the 5 are stalled between turns 3 & 4 and the gradeall is brought out meaning there’s some type of issue that won’t allow the cars to be flat towed or pushed. The number 4 of Koa Almeda pulls off into the pits and then gets back onto the track before the green comes out so I don’t think they lost a lap. On the restart it’s the 7 then 8, 2, 18, 5, 22, 99 & 4.   The leader, Kawashima, goes wide at restart and Keahi Keliinoi in the 8 almost gets him, looses control spinning to the inside. He cuts across the middle of the track making yet another dust cloud and back into 2nd as though he was resuming his position. The officials immediately react to the unacceptable move and reach for the black flag as now the 8 passes the 7. They are still battling for 1st and now the 2 of Gary Mahaulu is closing, while the 18, 5 & 22 are all dicing for 3rd with no clear favorite. Mahaulu gets the2 under the 7 and, I’m not sure if contact was made, but somehow the 7 looses a wheel and needs to be removed. Possibly confused as to why he was shown the black flag the 8 finally responds and pulls off the track. At the restart and running now it’s the 2 followed by the 5, 22, 99, 18 & 4: Alan Tabangcura in the 5 tries the 20 of Mahaulu on the inside and it almost works, meanwhile opening up a hole for the 22 who nearly gets through. At the finish we see the 2 of Gary Mahaulu in front followed by 5, 18, 99 & the 22 pulls off.

Bomber Main Event

08-Shawn Bautista                                77-Lonnie baker Sr.                                                                                        

It’s a small field for the main event after all kinds of mayhem and problems for other drivers in the heat race. Shawn Bautista on the 08 takes the early lead in a two car race as Lonny Baker Sr. spins midway between corners 1 and 2 on the first lap. Lonny had tried to catch the rotating car while keeping his foot in it and the ugly result was the car snapping back on him and ending up going head first into the wall causing damage to his vehicle and forcing him to retire. The Green White Checkered goes to Shawn Bautista for the easy win with Baker Sr. taking 2nd.

The stock car racing over for the afternoon many of the spectators start dismantling their tents and cleaning up after themselves while the Hulacross cars, trucks and SUV’s line up for their main events. For Hulacross race results and article please look at that section of the website in a few days for related info.

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