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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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HulaCross - April Results!

HulaCross Results for Sunday, Apr 10th have been posted! 

As always, you can check out all of the photos from the event at our official Facebook page!

Click the following link to view the results or follow the navigation by going to Motorsports - Hula-X - Results - 2011 - February.

HulaCross - April 10th, 2011 Results 

Story to come soon!

Michael Kitchens
Track Coordinator
Kalaeloa Raceway Park 


Get ready for the April HulaCross!

That's right...it's on!  Come on out to our next HulaCross to be held on April 10th, 2011!  It's sure to be an epic off-road battle as the top three contenders bring out their extreme rally-prepped vehicles and get DIRTY!  Once again, we'll have more HulaBeaters available for rent.  The $200 rental fee includes your $50 run card, and allows you to run all day or until the vehicle is a total loss, whichever comes first.  We will also have our tire guy on hand, ready to change your tires if needed.  We have 8 vehicles available for rent!  There's no excuse, come bring it!


HulaCross - March Results!

Sunday, Mar 13th was another incredible day of HulaCross.  Although the amount of competitors was low due to some scheduling and vehicle conflicts, the entire day was an exciting testament to how much fun HulaCross is!

As always, our competitors simply don't know what to expect track-wise when they come to the park.  In an effort to give the spectators a bit more action to watch, the entire event occurred directly before them.  We're really trying to make an effort to show the general public just how incredible HulaCross is, so this is a great start to draw them in.

With the loss of one jump came the addition of another one as well as the huge straight-away created in plain view of the spectators.  We received a ton of positive comments about this new addition, and plan to retain some semblance of it in coming events.  An effort was made to give at least 3 to 4 passing opportunities on the track to provide enough incentive to pass as well as providing everyone with a decent chance at competing for the points.  The course for this event was very demanding, and many of our drivers came out huffing and puffing at the end of their time attack and most definitely during the wheel 2 wheel.

Time Attack was faster than ever, with the top three finishers breaking the sub 1-minute barrier.  Mike Ward, once again led the charge, claiming Fastest Time of the Day with a scorching 00:55.29.  He was followed closely by an absolutely on-fire and pumped up Landon Paras who cranked out a 00:56.77 in his increasingly prepared Acura Integra.  Davin Kubo, whose car is definitely starting to resemble a typical HulaCrosser, belted out a very close 00:57.74 cementing himself in the second place position for the Championship. 

Peter Crouch, our resident Hawaii Performance Mustang member, had an incredible day, showing that a properly driven Suzuki Sidekick has a great shot at competing.  What he lacked in raw speed, he more than made up for in cornering and traction ability.  He's in 4th place for the title championship.  Our points system rewards frequent and reliable competitors...with SCCA Autocross dates conflicting with HulaCross...he might have a shot at the title if any of our top competitors fail to make our events.

As always, HulaCross Time Attack set up the Heat positions for our Hulagan Racing portion of the event.  Two heats were held that pitted the majority of our competitors...Davin Kubo opted to save his vehicle for the next Hula-X, and David Rodrigues' ride went out in typical HulaCross fashion, ie, it broke.  The rest had similar problems and were unable to compete, cutting our fields down to 6 and 5.  A new change to the ordering offered the slower competitors a chance to make it into the final Main. 

Heat 1 started with Mike Ward squaring off against Cy Thomas, Chad & Sheldon Moniz, newcomer Kalani Jaentsch, and Bobby Carrick.  HulaCross can sometimes be considered a war of attrition as beater vehicles give-way to the rough and tumble course...this heat was no exception and the top 4 moving into the final heat were Mike Ward, Cy Thomas, Kalani Jaentsch with the Moniz bros. and Bobby Carrick unable to compete in the final main.  Gilbert Valdez was competing in a "new" VW Corrado, but simply couldn't compete without more prep to his vehicle.  We expect him to return for the next event with a much-improved vehicle.

The second heat was led by our ever resourceful, Landon Paras going against Peter Crouch, John Flores, Koa Alameda, and Keahi Keliinoi.  Landon and Peter went toe-to-toe from the beginning and were able to make it to the final main.  Another amazing battle was taken up by John Flores vs. Koa Alameda.  These two went at it for the majority of the race in an exciting contest of speed and guts...with neither getting the clear advantage...that was until they collided on the back straight.  Koa was out of commission, leaving John soldiering on with a ruptured radiator and taking the top spot followed by Keahi.

The final main always causes the upset...as all the driver's pick their numbers randomly.  Peter Crouch grabbed the number one position and held it immediately against Landon Paras.  Landon, whose vehicle was constantly banging off the rev-limiter in 1st gear really had to fight for the top position, but was eventually able to eek by Peter on the straight-away thanks to his faster speed, holding it For the second time in a row, Mike Ward was relegated to the back field...but what seems as a problem for Mike, ends up being one of the most exciting moments for the crowd.  Once again, Mike battled his away from the back, passing vehicles as the opportunities present themselves. 

John Flores was limping badly thanks to his ruptured radiator...we'll never see the Saturn on the track again, that's for sure, and was passed from the onset by Mike.  John had hear though, and made it all the way to the end of the race.  Immediately, after, Mike took out Keahi on the same straight, using his AWD advantage.  Astrovans are RWD, if you didn't know, and Kalani simply showed what a RWD van can do if you hold the gas pedal down hard enough.  The van was slipping and sliding through the turns, but was eventually caught up by Mike and passed on the straight-away once again.  Cy Thomas was his usual, power-sliding self, and really gave the crowd something to cheer about...with a bit more power on the straights, his truck would be an immediate contender thanks to his driving skill.

In the end, Mike Ward was only just able to catch Peter Crouch after a tremendous effort, showing just how formidable a weapon an AWD STi is in off-road conditions.  As a side note, Mike won the Sand Drags Modified 4-Cylinder class this past weekend, too!  But the victory for Sunday went to the one and only, Landon Paras, an avid motocross rider who just happens to like doing it on 4-wheels as well.  Straight from the source, himself, Landon claims he has something special coming down the pipe for the next HulaCross.  We can't wait to see it.  Final placement was Landon Paras, Mike Ward, and 3rd place went to Peter Crouch who has been one of our staunchest supporters.  Here's a big shout-out to Poppa and his wife for joining us for each and every event as well!

We were certainly missing some of our regulars like Steven Chong, Stephen Oliberos, and Cliff Wicklund...we completely understand everyone isn't going to be able to make every event due to the wear and tear the vehicles go through.  We were pleased to see some of last year's fastest competitors, Chad & Sheldon Moniz back in action once again.  We hope we'll see them at the next HulaCross on Apr 10th! I'm personally rooting for Steve Oliberos to get his blown engine put back together as soon as possible, as he was one of our fastest competitors, and is still hanging in there in the points. 

We hope you'll join us as well.  We have tons of spare beaters for anyone interested to try it out. Plus, we allow a freebie drive during our lunch time event, as long as you have the proper equipment and safety gear!  Until next time, keep it off the streets, on the track, and we'll see you on Sunday, April 10th!

As always, you can check out all of the photos from the event at our official Facebook page!

Click the following link to view the results or follow the navigation by going to Motorsports - Hula-X - Results - 2011 - February.

HulaCross - March 13th, 2011 Results 

Mahalo until next time!

Michael Kitchens
Track Coordinator
Kalaeloa Raceway Park 

Congratulations to our winners!

Fastest Time of the Day - Mike Ward - 0:55.29

2nd Fastest Time of the Day - Landon Paras - 0:56.77

3rd Fastest Time of the Day - Davin Kubo - 0:57.74

1st Place - Hulagan Racing - Landon Paras

2nd Place - Hulagan Racing - Mike Ward

3rd Place - Hulagan Racing - Peter Crouch


Hula-X - Fantastic video of the final race!

You have to watch this awesome roof cam view of Mike Ward in the final heat...he goes from 8th place all the way up to second! Simply awesome view of the Hula-X event! It was so exciting to watch! Thanks to Jim Mueller for this fantastic video using the GoPro! Guys and girls, this is what you're missing if you haven't been to Hula-X yet



HulaCross - Sunday, March 13th! Join us for some off-road action!

Hello Hulagans!

We're set for our third Hula-X event for the year!  Join us on Sunday, March 13th as off-road extreme action gets is mud on once again at Kalaeloa Raceway Park!  A big mahalo to everyone that has continued to support this event with their, time, money, and passion! 

Our last event was incredibly good fun...and probably one of the most exciting events we've had yet.  The W2W action was fast and furious, and the times were super-quick.  We also have had a great turnout of new competitors as well as some incredible rides put together for the event.  The Randy's Services Team was a great example of what we'd like to see for our entrants...it gives our spectators something to watch, makes identification easier, and makes the entire event look a bit more professional.  Plus, stickers give like an extra 5HP each, so how can you go wrong?  Big ups to everyone coming out with fully-prepped vehicles like Kelii Pontin, Cy Thomas, Koa Grace, Keahi Keliinoi, Steve Oliberos and the rest who have really put a ton of work into their vehicles.  It really shows, and we appreciate the dedication, as well as the added safety factor.


Once again, we'll have more HulaBeaters available for rent.  The $200 rental fee includes your $50 run card, and allows you to run all day or until the vehicle is a total loss, whichever comes first.  We will also have our tire guy on hand, ready to change your tires if needed.  We have 7 vehicles available for rent!  Thanks to the guys that came out and rented our HulaBeaters!  We hope you had fun!

We would like to encourage everyone to help spread the word about this event.  It's a spectacular show, and we think people will really enjoy the commitment and dedication all of you put into it.  We appreciate your support, and hope to continue to improve the event for your satisfaction.  We hope everyone is checking out the photos and articles we put up on the official website!  If there are any typos or name corrections needed, please let me know!

I hope to see all of you there once again!  We're expecting a big turnout, drivers wise, so it should be exciting!  See you on Sunday!


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